BBX Perpetual Contract Bonus Never Stop

Open contracts, participate in activities, project airdrops, trading competitions, numerous events, etc.

Pending bonus

Lv2 fee level

Complete KYC certification, get Lv2 Fee level Receive


100 BUSD

Daily check-in, receive 100 BUSD simulation experience coin


10,000 BUSD

Open the BUSD simulation contract transaction and receive an additional 10,000


Closed activities

Open contract trading



Accumulated deposit 1000USDT



Event rules:

1. For each user who meets the conditions, a trading bonus will be given to the corresponding item, and the trading bonus can be used for contract trading, which will exist in your contract account;

2. The bonus for the inviting friends will be counted from the same day, and the fee generated by the invited user is also applicable;

3. For the accumulated statistics of the deposit user, it depends on the user's wallet deposit (through the deposit of the wallet and the official C2C deposit, does not include the deposit of internal transfer);

4. A total of 10,000 bonuses will be issued for each award. After the deadline is issued, the BBX may require the users who are involved in the bonus event need to do KYC authentication if they want to withdraw;

5. Claiming a bonus means that you are a true user of the contract trading. For users who are maliciously seeking bonus and cheating, BBX has the right to dispose of the bonus and bonus income and limit the withdrawal of their accounts;

6. BBX has the final interpretation of the bonus event.